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  • Shenzhen Mama Security Technology Co., Ltd.

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer , Trade Company
  • Main Mark: Africa , Asia , East Europe , Middle East
  • Exporter:91% - 100%
  • Certs:ISO9001, CE, Test Report
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Shenzhen Mama Security Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Us

We are a professional large-scale supplier on security inspection industry, main products include X-Ray baggage scanner, walk through metal detector, handheld metal detector and Underground metal detector etc. Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. With convenient transportation advantage. Aim at continuously improving product quality and always keep energetic on innovation. During the passed several years, we exported large quantity of products to Europe, Mid-East and Africa, South American countries and South-East

Categories and Products

Walk Through Metal Detector

Checkpiont Metal Detector

Six zones Checkpiont metal detector security walk through metal detector lcd walk through metal detector outdoor walk through metal detector LCD walkthrough metal detector gate security metal detectors (MS-3006) metal detector hire (MS-3006) Metal walk through gate Metal detector per tutti Metal detector security doors Metal detector schematic for security Bounty hunter metal detector reviews Safety walk through metal detector Safeline metal detector for security Excalibur metal detector for security pulse induction walkthrough metal detector gate infrared walkthrough metal detector gate security walkthrough metal detector gate Prospector metal detector for security Machine metal detector for security 

Door Frame Metal Detector

full body walkthrough metal detector gate court walk through metal detector doorframe walk through metal detector Six zones door frame metal detector waterproof full body walk through metal detector walk through metal detector for security Not garrett pro pointer Walk through security scanners Best all round metal detector El mejor detector de metales Teknetics delta metal detector walk through magnetometer for security Mini metal detector gate Industrial metal detection gate door frame walkthrough metal detector gate Portable metal detectors sale professional metal detectors for security walkthrough metal detector gate for security Garrett metal detector parts 

Archway Metal Detector

high sensitivity walk through metal detector Six zones archway metal detector 6 zones Whites bounty hunter metal detector Portable walk through metal detector Water metal detector (MS-2006) Security walk through gate Walk through body scanners surveillance walk through metal detector multi-zone walkthrough metal detector gate Metal detecting gate supplies Metal detector machine for security metal detector sensor for security surveillance walkthrough metal detector gate Dfmd metal detector for security Step through gate for security 

Airport Metal Detector

airport special walk through metal detector Six zones airport metal detector airport security walk through metal detector walk through metal detector pd6500i airport special walkthrough metal detector gate doorframe walkthrough metal detector gate Not Garrett not rental metal detectors Metal detector walk through gate Metal detector for android Body scanner metal detector Garrett metal detectors australia Portable security metal detector Walk through metal scanner anti theft walk through metal detector Frame metal detector for security 

Waterproof Metal Detector

ultra walk through metal detector waterproof walk through metal detector Six zones waterproof metal detector door walk through metal detector Garrett metal detectors for sale Archway metal detector price Walk through metal detector definition Metal detector subacqueo for security Metal detecting system for sports meeting Latest metal detectors for MALL Kellyco metal detectors for security walk through metal detector like pd6500i Magnetometer security equipment for security Teknetics t2 metal detector airport security walkthrough metal detector gate Ceia walk through metal detector 

Infrared Metal Detector

walk through metal detector chute 6 zones LCD walk-through metal detector court walkthrough metal detector gate luxuried walk through metal detector Top 10 metal detectors Top ten metal detectors Best metal detector for beginners Advanced technology metal detector infrared walk through metal detector Metal detektor cena for security Airport security walkthrough gate 

Portable Walk Through Metal Detector

Six zones LCD security metal detector full body walk through metal detector walk through metal detector body scanner Portable Fisher Metal Detector six detections walk through security metal detectors (MS-8006) Tesoro cibola metal detector Rapiscan walk through metal detector Door frame metal detector manufacturers Metal walker for school Top metal detectors for security economical walk through metal detector gate 

Metal Detector Gate

Economic walk through metal detector walk through metal detector security gate Not Garrett at pro walk through detector detector de metale (MS-6006) Full body metal detectors Fungsi walk through metal detector high quanlity walk through metal detector door frame walk through metal detector Walk through metal detector gate Walk through metal detector specification 

Gun Metal Detector

walkthrough metal detector gate in alarm multi-zone walk through metal detector anti terrorist walk through metal detector walk through metal detector in alarm walk through metal detector manufacturers (MS-1006) ebay metal detectors (MS-2006) Airport security metal detectors Seben extreme metal detector Arcway Metal detecting finds Metal detectors brisbane for security Nokta metal detector for security archway walk through metal detector pulse induction walk through metal detectors best fashion walk through metal detector WTMD metal detector for security 

Handheld Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector

super scanner metal detector Hand held metal detector(Two switches) high sensitivity handheld metal detector Lone star metal detector Hand held metal detector for wood Pocket sized metal detector Wood and metal detector Hand metal detector with wand Professional hand metal detectors Safeline Hand metal detector Top 3 metal detectors Ferrous handy metal detector Local hand metal detectors Metal detector device for stadium Hand metal detector for security Whites metal detector for security Hand held detector for security Miniature metal detector for security Strong metal detector for security Super scanner handheld metal detector 

Hand Held Body Scanner

handheld metal detector with ce Adjustable sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector high sensitive handheld metal detector hot-selling handheld metal detectors Hand held security metal detectors Small metal detector wand Garrett superwand metal detector Amazing Hand metal detector Hand-held magnetometer for security Metalldetektor wand for security Metal detecting equipment for metro station Metal detector scanner for security Metal detector kit for security Nail detector wand for security Metal detector radar for security Metal and electric detector 

Hand Held Super Scanner

Portable hand-held metal detectors Hand-held metal detectors(Single switch) reliable database handheld metal detector advanced portable handheld metal detectors High grading portable handheld metal detectors handheld metal detector with charger Types of metal detectors Cheap professional metal detector Mini Hand Metal Detector Pinpointer metal detector for security Metal detector hand for security Discriminator metal detector for security conveyor metal detector for security Metal scanner price for security Heavy metal detector for security Top rated metal detectors 

Super Scanner Metal Detector

security handheld metal detector specical handheld metal detector Ultra high sensitivity handheld Metal Detector superwand handheld metal detector Super standby metal detector(Standby current 2mA) Garrett super scanner metal detector Metal detector for wood Superwand hand-held metal detector Handheld mini metal detector Handheld underwater metal detector Handheld security scanner for security Pioneer metal detector for security Metal detecting tips for security Security metal detector wand Winbest handheld metal detector Hand held metal detector specifications Handy Metal detector garrett 

Underground Metal Detector

Underground Gold Detector

MD-3010II Underground Metal Detector Metal detectors for gold and silver (MD-6350) High end metal detectors (MS-6350) Pulse induction metal detector(MS-6350) Underground search metal detector (MS-6350) Gold detector deep search (MS-6350) Gold hunter metal detector (MS-6350) Underground gold treasure metal detector (MS-6350) Deep earth gold scanner (MS-6350) Most advanced gold detector (MS-6350) Deep underground scanner (MS-6350) Ground scanner gold detector (MS-6350) 

Gold Metal Detector

MD-9020C underground gold finder machine gold detector Gold detector machine (MD-9020C) Bounty hunter metal detector (MD-9020C) Ground penetrating radar metal detector (MS-9020C) Metal detectors that detect gold (MS-9020C) underground gold metal detector (MS-9020C) Underground deep search gold metal detector (MS-9020C) Hand held metal detector treasure hunting (MS-9020C) High tech metal detector (MS-9020C) Cheap metal detectors for gold (MS-9020C) Gold master metal detector (MS-9020C) Device to detect gold (MS-9020C) 

Long Range Metal Detector

MD-6150 Professional metal detector Best metal detector for gold (MD-6150) Gold digger metal detector (MD-6150) Underground gold detector machine (MS-6150) Long range metal detectors treasure detector (MS-6150) Machine to detect gold underground (MS-6150) Gold prospecting metal detector (MS-6150) Deep penetrating metal detector (MS-6150) Best gold prospecting metal detector (MS-6150) Deep sensitive metal detector (MS-6150) Bounty hunter platinum metal detector (MS-6150) Top metal detectors for gold (MS-6150) 

Treasure Hunting Metal Detector

MD-6250 Gold Digger Metal Detector MD-6350 underground gold metal detector Metal detectors treasure hunting (MD-6350) Underground metal detector scanner (MD-6250) Deep seeking metal detector (MD-6250) Underground deep metal detector (MS-6250) Deep earth gold detector (MS-6250) Metal detector for gold and silver only (MS-6250) Under earth metal detector (MS-6250) Treasure scanner detector (MS-6250) Professional gold metal detectors (MS-6250) Gold and treasure detector underground (MS-6250) Gold range silver metal detector (MS-6250) Long range gold metal detector (MS-6250) 

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Luggage Scanner

x-ray baggage scanner exporters X-Ray baggage scanner for security Baggage x ray machine (MS-5030A) Baggage inspection system (MS-5030A) Astrophysics x ray baggage scanner (MS-5030A) Luggage machine in airport (MS-5030A) X ray security systems (MS-6550A) Airport security check machine (MS-6550A) Airport x ray machine for luggage (MS-6550A) Airport security baggage scanners (MS-5030A) 

Baggage Inspection Machine

X-Ray baggage scanner (tunnel size 65cm*50cm) professional x-ray baggage scanner Airport x ray machine (MS-6550A) Portable x ray baggage scanner (MS-6550A) Customs x ray machines (MS-6550A) Baggage x ray machine (MS-6550A) TSA X ray images luggage (MS-6550A) TSA X-Ray images luggage (MS-6550A) Airport x ray baggage scanners (MS-6550A) Airport x ray body scanner (MS-6550A) 

X-Ray Security Scanner

hotel x-ray baggage scanners 6550A x-ray baggage scanner Airport security x ray scanner (MS-5030A) Airport scanning machine (MS-5030A) Digital camera airport x ray (MS-5030A) Portable x ray scanner (MS-6550A) Airport security scanners (MS-6550A) X ray baggage inspection (MS-6550A) Airport security screening machines (MS-5030A) 

Airport Security Scanner

airport security x-ray baggage scanner portable x-ray baggage scanner Baggage screening machine (MS-5030A) Airport baggage scanner radiation (MS-5030A) Airport baggage scanner (MS-6550A) Security baggage scanner (MS-6550A) Digital camera airport x ray (MS-6550A) 

X-Ray Parcel Scanner

5030A x-ray baggage scanner airport X-Ray baggage equipment x-ray baggage scanner specifications Airport xray scanner (MS-5030A) Bag x ray machine airport (MS-5030A) Portable x ray machine (MS-6550A) Airplane x ray machine (MS-6550A) 

X-Ray Screening Machines

x-ray baggage scanner for factories x-ray baggage scanner detector x-ray baggage scanner equipment X-Ray screening machines for security Airport security x ray machine (MS-5030A) X ray images airport security (MS-5030A) X ray scanning machine baggage (MS-6550A) Baggage scanning system (MS-6550A) 

Used X-Ray Scanner

x-ray baggage scanner machine x-ray baggage scanner device Safety X-Ray scanning system X ray baggage inspection system (MS-5030A) Airport baggage scanning equipment (MS-5030A) Airport x ray machine radiation (MS-5030A) Airport security x ray machine (MS-6550A) Airport baggage scanner machine (MS-6550A) 

Security X-Ray Scanning System

Security X-Ray scanning system X-Ray screening equipment for security Security x ray machine (MS-5030A) Cargo security scanning machine (MS-5030A) Airport screening machines (MS-6550A) cargo security scanning machine (MS-6550A) 

Airport X-Ray Machines

Airport X-Ray machines for security X-Ray body scanner for security airport X-Ray device for security X ray security scanner (MS-6550A) X ray baggage scanner wikipedia (MS-6550A) Airport security x ray scanner (MS-6550A) Airport x ray machine radiation (MS-6550A) 

Under Vehicle Search System

Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Under Vehicle Search Mirror Under vehicle inspection mirror (MS-V3) Car surveillance system (MS-V5) Under vehicle searching system (V5) Under vehicle inspection camera (MS-V3) Under vehicle inspection mirror (MS-V2) Automatic under vehicle inspection system (MS-V2) Under vehicle surveillance system uvss Vehicle inspection system (MS-V5) Under car inspection mirror Under vehicle checking mirror (MS-V5) Under car inspection trolley (MS-V2) Security vehicle inspection mirrors Hand held inspection mirror Vehicle undercarriage mirror (MS-V5) Under vehicle trolley search mirror (MS-V2) Camera based inspection system (MS-V5) Under chassis inspection mirror (MS-V5) Complete undercarriage systems (MS-V3) Under chassis mirror (MS-V2) 

Under Vehicle Inspection Camera

Under car inspection camera Under vehicle scanning system price (MS-DV6) Under vehicle search (MS-DV6) Vehicle video security system Automotive surveillance system for bomb In car surveillance system Vehicle checking system (MS-DV6) Vehicle surveillance camera system (MS-DV6) Online vehicle checking system (MS-DV6) Under car bomb detector (MS-DV6) 

Conveyor Food Metal Detector

Automatic food metal detector Metal detectors for food industry (MS-809) Metal detector for bread industry (MS-809) Metal detector for seafood industry (MS-809) Metal detector in food processing industries (MS-809) Metal detector for food manufacturing (MS-809) Industrial metal detector conveyor (MS-809) Metal detector machine food (MS-809) Metal detector sensitivity food industry (MS-809) Metal detection standards food industry (MS-809) Metal detector wands food industry (MS-809) Metal detection test pieces food industry (MS-809) Handheld metal detector for food industry (MS-809) Metal detectors for stainless steel (MS-809) Metal detector conveyor systems (MS-809) Metal detector food processing industry (MS-809) Used metal detectors for food processing (MS-809) Metal detector for meat industry (MS-809) Metal detector for bakery industry Conveyor metal detector equipment (MS-809) 

Electric Conveyor Check Weighing Machine

Electric conveyor check weighing machine (MS-CW2018) Weight scale machine (MS-CW2018) Electronic weighing balance (MS-CW2018) Check weigher machine (MS-CW2018) Weighing machine online (MS-CW2018) Electronic weighing machine (MS-CW2018) Digital weighing machine (MS-CW2018) Electronic weighing scale (MS-CW2018) Automatic weighing machine (MS-CW2018) In motion checkweigher (MS-CW018) Mettler toledo checkweigher (MS-CW2018) Inline check weighing systems (MS-CW2018) Automatic check weighing machines (MS-CW2018) 

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